Localization services

When introducing a product to a new geographical target market, you have to make sure it is adapted to the location. With the localization procedure we provide not exclusively a translation of the textual elements, which is obviously a key part of the process, but additionally an adaptation of elements like colors, icons, graphics, design or layout to suit the cultural preferences of your target markets.

The aim is to assure that, when the localization is complete, the final product is engaging and native-sounding.

Localizing a product brings plenty of advantages to a business, including access to a global customer base, higher engagement levels with also a stronger customer loyalty and greater visibility.

Among the several products that can be localized, we offer:


A web store that offers translated product descriptions or information, converted sizes or measurement units, payment methods and much more in different languages, will be more suitable to reach international customers. For example, people will be more inclined to buy something online if they can use their local currency. Another key feature is customer service, which ought to be accessible in as many languages as possible.


People constantly rely on their mobile devices, which means Apps are more and more used. There is an app for just about everything you can think of, whether it is for work, entertainment or anything else. So by localizing your App you may also guarantee a considerable growth, because in the App Store/ Google Play Store you can choose within 40 different languages and it is used in 175 countries, so you will be able to get to a worldwide audience.


A website is probably the first query for a new customer interested in your business, so this type of localization would be probably the most effective to expand your customer base and your visibility.

When using online services, people need to acknowledge instantly what they are reading or seeking. Our localization will help make user activities easier and they will be more likely to come back to you for more information!

If you want to know more about our services, contact us at doha@langpros.net