Digital Translation

We strive to provide the best language services. Our network of translators is formed of highly skilled and specialized professionals. We guarantee accuracy and top quality in every project you trust us with.

Our broad range of translation services include legalluxury and fashion, technical, medical, website localization, subtitles, voiceover, real estate, financial, marketing & advertising, engineering, media, food and beverage, and IT.

Every translation project is carried out in compliance with the client’s needs throughout each step, to ensure accuracy and timeliness. No matter the size of your project, we have the right solution for you.

We offer three different translation solutions according to your particular needs: Economy, Standard, and Premium.

  • Economy – Post Editing

Our economy service consists of a professional linguist revising a machine translation. This is what the translation industry calls Post-Editing. This option can guarantee quick and inexpensive translations of large projects, such as documents for internal use.

Note that many competitors advertise post-editing as human translation. Our policy is to let the client make an educated choice.

  • Standard – Professional Translation

Our most popular option involves two professional translators. One translates the text, while the other revises it to guarantee quality and accuracy. The project is always supervised by one of our project managers. This option guarantees a high standard of translation, suitable for the majority of contexts, at a very competitive rate.

  • Premium – High Quality

Our premium service guarantees top-tier results in terms of accuracy, text quality, and localization. The project is supervised by a project manager and performed by two of our professional translators working together. The result is a translated text that is fluid and suited to the target audience, without any trace of the translation process behind it. This is the best option for advertisements and marketing, press releases, websites and similar projects.

Our software and translation tools are constantly updated, ensuring competitive rates and quality. We employ Computer Assisted Translation software such as online dictionaries, terminology databases, machine translation, and Translation Memories.

Beyond Translation

Our additional services include: