Translation in a Globalized World

We provide translation, transcreation, localization, and copywriting in more then one hundred languages.

We live in a globalized world where communication between different languages and cultures is becoming not only important, but necessary. Whether you are a growing business looking to expand in the global market, an established company launching a new product worldwide, or a private individual looking for a legal translation of their documents, you need reliable language professionals who not only guarantee accuracy and confidentiality, but also assist you in every phase of the translation process.

Languages are what we specialize in, and we would love to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. We like to include the client in every phase of the project, and we guarantee short delivery time in compliance with deadlines, together with accuracy and competitive rates.

Specialized Translations for Every Sector

If you are looking for specialized translation services, please keep in mind that, when translating, a perfect understanding of languages is just the start. Our trained translators understand the specifics of each particular area of translation. In fact, we offer translation services for the following industries: 


Any company with a strong brand needs to make it work globally. A company’s brand is oftentimes what makes the client buy products and be loyal to a firm, therefore every piece of marketing material and advertisement ought to be effective in every market.

Marketing, however, is almost always influenced by the target culture and context. That means word-for-word translations can be ineffective, if not detrimental, in the new context.

Transcreation addresses this problem by combining translation with creative copywriting: your content is adapted for the target culture and context, while preserving the core message of the original.

Transcreation is particularly recommended for marketing and advertising, retail brand localization and slogan adaptation.

We also offer copywriting and web content writing for your websites, social media posts, promotional emails, leaflets, and more.

Our Translation Solutions

We offer three levels of translations (link al dettaglio su digital translation), to guarantee the right solution for your goal and budget:

  • Economy – Post-editing
  • Standard – Human translation and revision
  • Premium – Premium content localization / transcreation

Our Network

We collaborate with over 2000 professional translators from all over the world, working in more than 100 languages. We take advantage of the different time zones to be responsive 24/7. Thanks to the size of our network we can guarantee speedy delivery, highly specialized linguistic competence, and competitive rates.

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