Remote Interpreting Services

Our Remote Interpreting technology allows professional simultaneous interpreters to work remotely, providing live translation for speakers and audience located in another country.

While the event takes place in Qatar, the interpreters might be working from Europe or Asia. They will receive audio and video feed of the event through our platform and transmit their translation to the audience through the internet in real time, as if they were in the room.

The audience will listen to the translated speech via our BOSCH infrared system, or via smartphone.

With this technology, the organizer saves on travel and accommodation costs for the interpreters. Moreover, thanks to our network of professionals, we do not have to rely on local interpreters but can choose the best from around the world, for a wide range of languages including Japanese, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, and many more!

Medical Remote Interpreting

More and more hospitals and clinics around the world are starting to rely on remote interpreting services. Remote interpreting guarantees quick access to a medical interpreter, which may make the difference between life and death during emergency situations. This technology, unlike telephone interpreting, enables interpreters to see the body language and expressions of the patient, providing doctors with a more faithful translation.

Telephone interpreting

In telephone interpreting, the interpreter is connected with two or more individuals via conference call, interpreting consecutively. This method is used when local interpreters are not available and without relying on Internet connection. Connecting with interpreters by phone is fast but might not be as reliable as on-site interpretation, since it is impossible to take into account the speakers’ body language.

Telephone interpreting is often used for commercial negotiations, emergency calls, and customer service.