Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting interpreters convey what the speaker has just said. Typically, the speaker pauses every five minutes to let the interpreter translate that section of their speech. The interpreter might take notes with specialized techniques while the speaker is talking to retrieve every bit of information when translating.

Consecutive interpreting does not require soundproof booths and other special equipment (unlike simultaneous interpreting), thus it usually is less expensive. The drawback is the time-consuming nature of this mode of interpreting, as the translation virtually doubles the duration of the event. These are some of the contexts where consecutive interpreting is still preferred:

  • Press conferences
  • Interviews
  • Working breakfasts and lunches
  • Brief meetings and conferences (2 hours maximum)

We offer two levels of consecutive interpreting:

  • Professional consecutive interpreter: a qualified professional fluent in both languages and experienced in high-level interpreting tasks.
  • Language mediator: A bilingual professional without formal training specialized in events such as exhibitions and business meetings that do not require knowledge of technical terminology.