Interpreting services

We offer a vast array of interpreting services in Qatar, both on-site and from remote. We also offer the rental of interpreting equipment with the assistance of our tecnicians.

Professional interpreter!

Whether you need interpreting services for your business or for personal reasons, to communicate with a client, a colleague, or a supplier, our interpreters are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Interpreting differs from translation as it refers to oral communication. Interpreting is done on the spot, and it is typically employed on a vast array of occasions such as conferences, business meetings, press releases, medical examinations, trials, and more.

To be a professional interpreter, perfect fluency in at least two languages is required, but that’s not all. The necessary skills are acquired only through specific education in interpreting techniques and years of practice on the field.

Interpretation services vary according to the size of the audience, the number of speakers, and the specific characteristics of the event. Here is a list of the different interpreting services we offer:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreters listens to the speaker via headphones while being in a soundproof booth. The interpreters translate the speech without any delay, and the audience receives the translated speech via wireless headsets. This interpreting mode is used in scientific, business, technical, medical and media conferences, workshops, and other large events;
  • Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter listens to a section of the speech while taking notes, and then conveys it in the target language. This mode does not require interpreting equipment, but it virtually doubles the duration of the event as speech is repeated twice. This is why it is usually used for shorter events (around two hours) such as press conferences, interviews, working lunches, fairs, exhibitions, and short business meetings.
  • Business/liaison interpreting: Business interpreting is very similar to consecutive interpreting, but it is performed between small groups of people, such as in business meetings or one-on-one interviews. In this case the conversation is made up of shorter exchanges, and the interpreter does not need to take notes;
  • Remote interpreting: When on-site interpreters are not available, remote interpreting is the right solution to break any language barrier. Remote interpreting can either be performed through an internet connection or via telephone. Remote interpreting is often used for medical examinations and trials.

Besides our interpreting services, we also offer interpreting equipment rentals and assistance from our specialized technicians.

If you need a language assistant while visiting Qatar, we offer our language mediation services. Language mediators are bilingual speakers without formal interpreting training who can assist you during meetings, shopping, guided tours, etc.

If you are unsure about the right interpreting service for your event and would like to discuss it with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will strive to give you all the information you need and we will provide a free quote.