Language Services for Every Business

What do we specialize in?

Our areas of expertise include the following: Real Estate, Marketing and Advertisments, Legal, Financial, Medical, Luxury & Fashion, Food & Beverage, Tourism & Hospitality and Technical

If you are looking for specialized translation, localization, and interpreting service, then look no further.

Whether you need to localize your company’s marketing material for the launch of a new product, translate a patent or a medical leaflet, or set up a business conference in Qatar with multilingual simultaneous interpreting, we have the right solution for you.

Thanks to our network of translators and interpreters with in-depth knowledge of specific business terminology and regulations, we can handle language projects for any industry.

When you entrust your language project to us, we make sure to select the right professional for each job. Our trained linguists are not only language experts, they are also highly experienced in their field of specialization.

We offer translation, interpreting, and copywriting services for a wide range of businesses:

We offer translations of bank statements, business reports, stock market outlooks, insurance contracts, etc. We also provide simultaneous interpreting and liaison interpreting for business meetings, conference calls, and press conferences.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation of medical records, clinical trials, clinical protocols, informed consent forms, scientific publications, and more.

Medical interpreting and video remote medical interpreting for medical examinations.

Translation of labels, nutritional facts, marketing materials, leaflets, logistics documents, instructions, etc.

Interpreting for conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

Translation and interpreting services for travel agencies, hotels, museums, theme parks, car rentals, aviation companies, and more.

Reliable legal translation of your documents, including contracts, degrees, birth certificates, licenses, patents, litigation documents, power of attorneys, and more.

Specialized translation of engineering texts, manuals, data sheets, quotes, norms, patents, specifications, instruction books, installation manuals, safety sheets, standard operating procedures, technical drawings, and more.

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at specialized fairs and business meetings

Translations of company websites, listings, leaflets, marketing material and more.

Interpreting services and language assistance for potential investors and real estate operators in Qatar.

Translation/transcreation of marketing materials, website localization, translation of press releases, web content copywriting, video subtitling.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for exhibitions, media events, business meetings, and trade fairs.

For each language project you entrust us with, we discuss all the details with you to ensure we complete the task according to your requirements.

If you are looking for specialized translations in a specific field, contact us and send us the materials: we offer you the right solution and provide a free quote.

For any interpreting project in Qatar, from simultaneous interpreting with specialized equipment to language mediation, we will find the right professional for the task, and remain in contact with you throughout the event.